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Stupino Fiberglass Plastic Production Facility is the largest manufacturer of glass-fiber products (glass fibers, glass rovings, glass sheeting); of moulded materials out of own raw fiberglass materials and phenol-formaldehyde, polyester and epoxy binding components; of fiberglass plastic end products using different technologies that are used in car manufacture, machine engineering, electro-technical industry, construction and numerous other sectors of the national economy.

Among the facilities of the plant there are glass manufacturing furnaces producing spherical glass granules and glass melting furnaces requisite for glass fiber and chopped glass strands single-stage production.

Also worth mentioning are the press production lines, pultrusion technology workshops for fiberglass plastic profile production and modern workshops for glass-fiber material processing into prefabricated and end-products to satisfy the demand of other production industries.

In 1968 the first product (spherical glass granules) leaves the production line, and already in 1972 the first fiberglass plastic manufacture workshop becomes operational, and then in 1979 a specialized production facility of moulded articles and prepregs. 

In 1992 organisational restructure of the production facility into a joint-stock enterprise – OAO “Stupino Fiberglass Plastic Manufacturing Plant”.

The final legal reorganisation in 2003 into LLC “Stupino Fiberglass Plastic Manufacturing Plant” or LLC “SZS”.

The location of the Plant has many strategic advantages due to its proximity to the main power and raw material supply, major industry wholesalers by means of easy access into the Federal transportation network.

Technological innovations, leading edge materials implementation, new product development and manufacture are the key areas of our expertise.

We can to develop and implement any technology to manufacture the items possessing qualities and characteristics to customer specification.

LLC “SZS” specialisation is not limited by fiberglass products manufacture, it also produces moulded articles out of the products thereof. Aluminoborosilicate glass (E-glass) and alkaline acid-resistant glass (7-A grade) are used as base elements in production technologies.

Our products:

Stupino plant - the best enterprise engaged in the production of fiberglass in Russia.

Stupino Plant is rightly considered to be the best production enterprise of the industry in Russia!

Excess storage and production facilities are available for commercial  lease on the territory of LLC “SZS”.

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